You are probably wondering why we named it ” Duct Tape and No Sleep! ” We literally mean  “Duct Tape and No Sleep!” This is all about the struggles of packing for a family of  five. Our bags are covered in green duct tape. I will explain why, and also get out your paper and pen and take notes. We covered them in duct tape because when we need to get our bags off the baggage claim, we need to know which one is ours, so we covered the bags in bright green duct tape. To pack for a family of five, who are also moving around a continent on trains and airplanes and cars and boats, we practiced packing lightly, so it wouldn’t be a struggle to walk on and off of vehicles.


Aside from the duct tape, some other things we thought were very important are:

-Packing Early

-Trying on all your outfits and taking pictures of you in them to plan how to use your clothes efficiently.

-Making sure your clothes are comfortable and light.

Things we think will be important are:

-External batteries for phones

-Plastic bags for dirty/wet clothes because they don’t have them in a lot of European countries

-Benadryl in case of a sudden allergy

-Melatonin in case of jet lag


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