We are now on Day 5, and we will almost be back on schedule once we post the second day.

This morning we woke up, and had a very nice breakfast. I had half of a baguette with apricot jam, I also had cereal, with apple juice. After breakfast we got in the car and experienced a flat tire. The tire blew out on the highway, and dad and Aidan and mom had to take all the luggage out of the trunk to get to the spare tire. They got out there in their yellow vest, and they were out there for a while, so that took off an hour of trip. But we finally got back on the road, and w went to Utah Beach. That is the beach where the American forces landed. The Germans wanted to take over Europe, and America, and other allies fought Germany. Thousands of young soldiers died here, and to this day, June 6, is known as D Day. Next beach, was Omaha Beach. It was another beach, where the Americans landed. At Omaha beach, there is a cemetery, where all the young soldiers of America lay. My mom gave us all a few American flags to stick in the ground near graves. I put my flag on two Tennessee graves, and one Colorado, which is where I was born.  Then we got ready to leave for London. Before I move on I am going to tell a story about the train station. So my dad dropped us off at the train station and he had to go return the rental car. And that’s when things got interesting. While we waited in the train station, playing foosball, dad drove into Calais to return the car at 8pm. On the way there, Siri got him lost. He ended up in a very scary part of town. Meanwhile, mom was trying to convince the border guards that dad was on his way and to please allow him to check in. Dad finally found the rental car return at around 8:15. Our train was scheduled to leave at 9:01, and we were required to clear customs by 8:40 at the latest. Apparently, dad got a taxi and told him to hurry. As we were waiting and watching out the windows at 8:45, a taxi came squealing up to the curb, and dad sprinted inside to find us already checking in for our train to London. The border guards were nice enough to let us clear customs at around 8:55. But we made it on the train. It’s a good thing because I did not want to stay in Calais, it was very dodgy, and there were lots of armed guards with machine guns at the station.

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